7 Tips for a fun visit to Legoland Windsor.

Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Legoland Windsor. Especially during Halloween time when the park is decorated with bright orange pumpkins and offers few challenges for kids to finish. During this time park is not overcrowded and queues are much shorter than in summer. On the other hand the weather is more likely to be less than enjoyable.

1. Give yourself more time.

If you are coming from further away planning two days at the park will give you more stress free time as you won’t feel that you are running out of time.

2. Legoland App

We haven’t planned our visit too much but downloading the official Legoland Windsor app helped us to not only navigate through the maze of different lands but also to have an idea of the queues’ waiting times or even to check if ride is open or not.


3. Arrive by the time the park opens.

Arriving to the park just before or shortly after it opens will give you chance to get almost right away on the more popular rides without waiting much at all.

I would also recommend to check with kids what rides they are most interested in and go there first thing and after you can take your time exploring many fun areas without feeling rushed.

One of the most popular rides is Driving school and both kids definitely wanted to do it, so on our first day as soon as we got to the park, we headed to The Driving School for a lesson. Kids got on to the ride on the second round so waiting time was minimum.

Ultimately you have an option to pay extra and skip queues.

Visit the website for more information or check the Q-Bot office at the entrance to the park.


4. Bring waterproof coats.

The weather is mostly unpredictable in England during any season, more so during Autumn. So even that there was little chance of rain in forecast for the days we were there it started drizzling as soon as we got to the park. So few things I wished I had with me were light waterproof coats on top of jackets we had on and something resembling paper towel to wipe wet seats on outside rides.

You can buy plastic ponchos in any store inside the park but they don’t last and cost more than I personally would want to pay for something that will end up in the trash.

Of course light rain didn’t stop us from having fun (kids had a blast driving cars in drizzle) besides there are plenty inside rides you can go on to escape rain, so don’t be discouraged if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

You can get shelter and have a great time at LEGO NINJAGO the ride, Scarab Bouncers, Atlantis Submarine Voyage, Laser Riders, Model Making Studio, LEGO Studios 4D, Haunted House Monster Party, LEGO game zone, Apocalypseburg and LEGO Reef or Explore an amazing exhibit of Lego Star Wars.

Lucky for us the weather on our second day was fabulous with lots of sunshine, making colour changing trees and Lego creations bright and festive! At some point it got so warm that kids started pulling off their layers of clothes!

6. Healthy snacks.

Spending all day with kids, especially younger ones can be tiring so plenty of healthy snacks will boost everyone’s energy and distract while waiting in a queue.

Eating in any amusement park is always pricey and if you have any allergies in your family it can be a bit of a challenge. If you don’t mind holling some sandwiches and fruits around it can be an option, especially in a warmer months as there are few outside picnic areas!

If you have little children and need quiet place to change or feed your baby, Heartlake City has Baby Care Center.

7. Think “what if” and have a plan

Just before you start your adventure in the park I would recommend getting wristbands for children to display your contact information in case you and kids get separated! Wristbands are available from the Guest Service.

We always have a plan in the event one of the kids or both are lost: we discuss what they need to do and who to ask for help but most importantly what not to do. For example not ever go anywhere outside the park facility, not wander around as it’s harder to find them when they are on the move and don’t go anywhere inside with anyone. We usually assign an easy to find location for meeting up and if it’s hard to get to, they should ask for help a person with a tag who works at the park but tell them that they were told to stay in one place because parents are looking for them.

I once lost my son in the Bay Area Discovery Center and it was the scariest 5 min of my life, I think. Now when kids are older we always try to have plan in case we are separated. Ultimately do your best to stay together!

Most importantly have fun and make awesome memories together!!!

Visit our YouTube channel for a taste of what Legoland Windsor is like! Link below.


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