Tower Bridge Glass Floor, London

We are family of 4, who can’t stay put in one place for long! Life keeps on making us move. And it would be quite understandable if we were a military family but we are not…

Our longest residence in one place was 5 years and it was in one of the U.S. most beautiful place- Marin County. It was close enough to get to San Francisco with only 15 min drive to Golden Gate Bridge and yet far enough to feel far away from the hustle of the big city. We loved living there. But circumstances made us to relocate again.

We never owned a house, maybe that’s why it’s much simpler to pack and go…

During our 14 years of marriage we moved 10 times. Together we lived through 2 international moves ( one of them was with two children) + 1 international move each of us did separately, before we actually met, 2 cross U.S. moves, 7 moves within California. Yes you counted correctly I’m off by two moves: we moved from Germany to U.S. before we got married and before that both of us moved to Germany at different time from two different countries.

Every place we lived, gave us an opportunity to explore near and far. During our cross country moves we would detour to see such amazing places as Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park.

We loved traveling before kids and we kept on doing it when our family grew. Now our kids are 9 and 6 (it’s 2019) and they can tell you stories of many places they’ve been to and places they want to see because they developed the taste for travel. Our 9 year old son loves history and is absorbing new information from our small and big trips like a sponge. Our daughters who is 6 years old, loves castles and gathering shells.

So who are we?

Mom/ Inna/ Mastermind of this site is amateur photographer and freelance interpreter.

Dad/ Jon/ tech guy- is senior video game producer

Son/ K/ brother- is our mini historic Encyclopedia.

Daughter/ M/ sister – collector and mini artist.

We are international family who loves to see and explore new places!