Travel Feaver

I love to travel near and far

It doesn’t matter by plane or by car,

I see new places

I learn new things

I meet new faces

And grow wings

I have fever to see new lands,

Discover traditions and make new friends!

But you might ask me “why to go?

I can read books or watch a show!

Why do I need to leave my home?

Why do I have to walk in Rome?”

There is so much to see, you know

To learn, experience and grow….

Grand Canyon with breathtaking view,

Just let its breath to go through you!

Be mesmerised by Yellowstone,

by Faithful geyser high-up thrown!

Cross Golden Gate, and touch the fog

Walk through the Redwoods with your dog!

Explore gigantic Mammoth Cave

feel real darkness, but stay brave!

See islands kissed by mighty ocean,

And meet new sunrise on a beach

Be hypnotised by waves in motion

And hear dolphins’ distant speech!

Get lost in Paris, Rome or London

Run up the stairs of Notre-Dame,

Touch ancient ruins of Coliseum

and think of people long time gone.

Find local food and taste new flavour

But close your eyes for mindful savour.

Hike up the hills behind a castle

Enjoy the views while climbing high,

Sit, rest and leave behind all hassle

Enjoy this moment of your life!

That’s why I think we need to travel

We can experience so much,

We have a choice to walk same gravel

Or tell trip stories during lunch!

Yes you can read of someone’s journey

and you can watch what they have done

But can you feel the heat of desert, or taste delicious croissant?

Get wet by waters of Niagara, and hug Sequoia… if you can

Admire sites of Barcelona,

Find Robin Hood in Nottingham?

This life is short so make some memories,

Feel, see, taste, wonder and explore

And not from someone’s documentaries

But from your trips to other shore .


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